Louisiana and Arkansas rank bottom 5 healthiest states

Louisiana and Arkansas rank bottom 5 healthiest states

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - Louisiana and Arkansas are two of the lowest-rated states as the unhealthiest in the nation, according to a new report.

The United Health Foundation released a report on the level of healthiness in each state.

Louisiana was ranked 49 in the country for being unhealthy, while Arkansas was ranked 48.

The report took into account a variety of health factors, such as rates of obesity, physical inactivity, infectious diseases, smoking and infant mortality. It also includes air pollution levels and the availability to healthcare providers.

The bottom-five states in 2017 are Mississippi (No. 50), Louisiana (No. 49), Arkansas (No 48), Alabama (no. 47) and West Virginia (No. 46.

The top-five healthiest states are Massachusetts (No. 1), Hawaii (No. 2), Vermont (No. 3), Utah (No. 4) and Connecticut (No. 5).

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