Data skimmers found on 3 pumps at ArkLaTex gas station

Data skimmers found on 3 pumps at ArkLaTex gas station
(Source: Marshall, Texas, Police Department)
(Source: Marshall, Texas, Police Department)

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Police have found three skimmers on fuel pumps at a gas station in Marshall, Texas.

The devices are undetectable by consumers because they are placed inside the pump, authorities said.

Now detectives are checking other gas pumps throughout the city for more of the devices.

Police are not releasing the name of the business where the skimmers were found.

The station "has already taken all of the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening again," police spokeswoman Kelly Colvin said.

But police say they will release more information later this week explaining which gas stations are safer for using a card at the pump and why.

"We're certainly not trying to cause any disruptions with sales at any of the gas stations, but we do need to keep our citizens safe," says a comment on the Police Department's Facebook page.

And authorities say there are some things consumers can do to help protect themselves.

  • Pay for gas inside the store.
  • And even then, use cash.
  • Buy a gas card to use at the pumps.
    "Criminals generally do not use the gas cards because they can only get gas instead of money from them," Colvin said.
  • If you must pay at the pump, run your card as a credit card and not a debit card.
  • Don’t rely on the security tape at the pump to alert you to the presence of a skimmer.
    "These criminals have the security tape to put on the pumps."
  • Closely watch your bank account.
  • Notify your bank immediately if you notice any suspicious activity on your account.

Authorities urge anyone with any information or questions about such skimming devices to call Marshall police at (903) 935-4575 or Detective Robert Farnham at (903) 935-4539.

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