World War I aviator's daughter salutes volunteers in the 93rd

World War I aviator's daughter salutes volunteers in the 93rd
1st Lt. Charles d'Olive (Source: Barksdale Air Force Base)
1st Lt. Charles d'Olive (Source: Barksdale Air Force Base)

BARKSDALE AFB, LA (KSLA) - A daughter of one of the founding members of the 93rd Bomb Squadron recently helped the unit celebrate its centennial.

"He was the first pilot in the 93rd to shoot down an enemy plane," Susan Mozena said of 1st Lt. Charles d'Olive.

"He said he wanted to fly rather than be in the trenches because he wanted to see you were shooting at him," she recalled. "And, for the most part, I think he was able to do that."

Susan Mozena is the daughter of 1st Lieutenant Charles d'Olive.

He was World War I flying ace, having shot down five enemy planes, and a legend in his own right.

Three of d'Olive's victories came during a dogfight Sept. 13, 1918, during which he and another pilot were outnumbered.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism that day.

And to this day, d'Olive's combat ribbons hang from the 93rd Bomb Squadron's battle flag.

"This is the first time I've ever seen the combat ribbons of the 93rd," Mozena said. "And I'm very moved to see them and that my Dad's are there as well."

She and her family spent the weekend in Bossier City sharing history and swapping her father's stories from his time in the Air Force.

Mozena said they were moved by the way their presence was embraced and how much those in attendance appreciate history.

"I'm particularly moved by the fact that the squadron is part of the Air Force Reserve Command," she said. "These are all volunteers.

Most of these folks have other jobs. And they have families. And they sort of live on Main Street, if you will, along with the rest of us, putting their lives on the line because they're patriots."

Mozena said her Dad also was a patriot.

"The minute we went to war, he signed up. And these folks have done the same thing. And my Dad would be so proud of this command and of the squadron."

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