Construction frustrates some Hollywood Ave. business owners

Construction frustrates some Hollywood Ave. business owners

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Business owners along a busy Shreveport street are voicing concerns about ongoing construction.

The work is part of a federal consent decree to improve the water infrastructure. It is going on throughout the city.

The construction is causing traffic delays.

And business owners along Hollywood Avenue say it is making it hard for people to access their locations.

"They have no respect for us. This shouldn't take this long for this little job," said Kirby White, of BBWS Originals in the 4100 block of Hollywood Avenue.

White said the construction has blocked the entrance to his business for more than a week. And recently, he said, the alternative entrance was blocked and he hasn't been able to open.

White isn't the only person frustrated with the progress.

"It's bad for the business people. It's too much headache for the customer. And it's too much traffic, especially for the big trucks," said the manager of A-1 Stop.

City officials could not offer a timeline for when the work would be completed.

"But we understand that anytime you have a mandate to do things, we're all going to be inconvenienced," said Wallace Thomas.

The driveway to his business also is being blocked by construction.

Thomas said he knows the improvements are necessary but would appreciate more transparency.

"If the city would just be more open and more understanding of the owners' side and then let them know what's going on, the timeline and things like that, I think that some of the tempers that's flaring would actually go down some."

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