Commission debates outdoor courthouse toilet for homeless

Commission debates outdoor courthouse toilet for homeless

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Does the Caddo Parish Courthouse need an outdoor restroom? That's a question that Caddo Commissioners discussed at their work session.

It's part of the commissioners ongoing discussion over some public safety issues at the courthouse, most notably homeless people going to the bathroom on the grounds at night.

Commissioner Mario Chavez is suggesting an ordinance to put a Portland Loo on the grounds. It would cost $134,000 dollars.

At Monday meeting's, Chavez asked to send the measure back to the long-range planning committee for further discussion.

"I realize a lot of citizens have an issue with it or some reservations. So I think it would be prudent and beneficial to the group to move it to long-range planning and discuss it and then we can see if this isn't the best solution, what may be?" said Chavez.

Other commissioners, like Douglas Dominick, wanted to vote "No" on the ordinance and move on.

Ultimately, commissioners voted 7 to 5 to send the proposal back to the long-range planning committee. This means it will not be on Thursday's regular session agenda.

Caddo Commissioners recently delayed a vote on whether to put a fence around the courthouse.

Also on this week's agenda,  a resolution to authorize the parish administrator to hire an outside consultant to evaluate the parish's funding of the MPC. The Parish shares funding of the MPC with the city. The city is currently studying leaving the MPC.

Commissioners voted to advance that measure to Thursday's agenda.

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