DeQueen Medical Center under new management, 16 employees let go

DeQueen Medical Center under new management, 16 employees let go

DEQUEEN, AR (KSLA) - The new ownership group of a Southwest Arkansas hospital issued the following statement about recent organizational changes at the facility:

"On August 30, 2017, De Queen Medical Center accepted the resignations of several employees.

DeQueen police officers were on standby this week after about 15 DeQueen Medical employees, including the hospital's administrator, were escorted off the property.

New owners of the facility called for them to be escorted from the facility.

The major change in management at DeQueen Medical has some people in the community asking if their health care will be affected.

But new leaders with the hospital say residents should not worry.

DeQueen Medical Marketing Director Rosa Velazquez released a statement saying: "Our facility is fully functional and our departments are running."

A spokeswoman for the hospital would not give us the names of the owners or tell us why this action was taken.

"We will survive. We have been through other things in the past and we survived, and we will survive this and we really need our hospital here," retired DeQueen hospital nurse Virginia Baughn said.

Some residents hope the change will be good for those who rely on the facility for immediate health care.

"I think the new administration will probably do a good job. I don't know them personally, but I've heard some good things read some articles," DeQueen resident Kay Sirmon said.

Velazquez said they will give the public more information on the change at a later date.

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