Plenty of options for the downtown SporTran and Greyhound buildings

Plenty of options for the downtown SporTran and Greyhound buildings

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Two busy downtown Shreveport buildings will both be closed soon, and local community leaders have ideas on how the buildings can be used.

The SporTran Terminal, located at the corner of Edwards and Crockett, and the Greyhound Bus Station, located at Edwards and Fannin will soon be empty. The new SporTran Hub located across from the Shreveport Police Station is still under construction but city leaders plan to lease a portion of the building to Greyhound for $10,000 a month.

The current Greyhound building is owned outright by the company and is currently listed as up for sale.

Liz Swaine with the Downtown Development Authority says this will create plenty of possibilities.

"With the drive thru area you could have outside events. It could really be a cool place," Swaine says while showing pictures of a similar Greyhound building in Savannah, Georgia which was recently remodeled into a bar and restaurant.

"It's got that mid-century modern vibe that we don't have a lot of in downtown, so the architecture is very special. I think it could be converted into a great restaurant."

Swaine also has ideas for the SporTran station, without making too many changes to outer appearance.

"It's iconic. People see the white canopy, they know where it is and what it is. I think this facility can be flipped into something that can benefit our entire community," said Swaine.

"I'm just throwing things out there: A local farmers market, an artists market, a combination of the two, a food truck court, a place where you can come down with your dog and get beignets or listen to live jazz."

The SporTran building is owned by the city, but Swaine says leaders will likely look to sell it rather than lease it, and the DDA will help as much as they can.

"We also can provide what we like to call traffic cop assistance, hook people up with potential investors, maybe people who want to be vendors, all of those components that have to come together to make it successful."

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