MLK Heath Center supported solely by goodness of others

MLK Heath Center supported solely by goodness of others

Our KSLA Cares team recently volunteered at the Martin Luther King Health Center on Olive Street in Shreveport.

Before visiting, many of us passed the center daily on the way to work without knowing what was happening there.

What we found during our visit was a great group of people doing important work.

Health care insurance is in the news every day. And most of it is about what is not working.

So I would like to share a positive story.

The MLK Health Center & Pharmacy is a nonprofit clinic that provides primary health care and pharmacy services at no cost to uninsured patients with chronic illnesses.

This is truly a great service to our community.

But that's not the biggest news.

The center is financially supported by the goodness of others and does not receive any state or federal funding.

They rely on donations from individuals and community partners, along with volunteers, to make all their great work happen.

I assured the center that the KSLA Cares team will be back to help.

If you would like to assist the MLK Health Center in helping more people in need, please visit its website by clicking here.

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