Man struggles to find homes for abandoned dogs

Man struggles to find homes for abandoned dogs

CASS COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - A Cass County man is asking for help with an issue of more than 100 abandoned dogs finding their way to his property.

There are many dogs on the property of Johnny Stevens in rural Cass County but Stevens says they are not his animals.

"People dumping dogs on corp land and ending up on my land," said Stevens.

Stevens said over the past year, more than 100 dogs have made their way to his home.

He said he has done what he could to take care of the animals including finding homes for the dogs, but this last week it has gotten out of hand.

"It has become such a big issue they are dumping out more than we can't get rid of."

According to Stevens, this past week 10 dogs made their way to his property after being
dumped at Armstrong Landing.

Mike Bransford is with the Corp Of Engineers managing the 54,000 square feet of land
surrounding Wright Patman's Lake.

"I think there is an increase of animals being abandon on federal property," said Wright Patman Lake Manager Bransford.

Bradford said he feels for residents like Johnny Stevens but with such a large area to maintain they need help from the public to stop people from driving down isolated roads and dumping the animals.

"Folks just need to take the notice that these animals deserve a better treatment than what they are receiving," said Bransford.

Bransford said it is against the law to dump or abandon animals on federal land.

"I would like to see the people doing it prosecuted to the fullest extent," said Stevens. "It is animal cruelty, animal abuse."

Anyone who sees this type of activity going on at the lake is urged to contact local law enforcement.

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