Landers Athlete of the Week: Captain Shreve's Harlee Connell

Published: Jul. 27, 2017 at 1:50 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 27, 2017 at 2:46 PM CDT
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BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - When it comes to pumping up the crowds at Captain Shreve, Harlee Connell certainly isn't afraid to make her voice be heard. Why would she be?

Cheerleading is her passion, but not her sole passion. She represents one team in the air. The other, her fishing team, on the lake.

"I came to my dad one day and I was like, 'you know, this is something I wanna do. I did it my freshman year, and I did it my sophomore year, and I love it," Connell said.

"I'll be wearing my cheer uniform and we'll have a game that day and I'll be like, 'Yeah, I've got a fishing meet after school' and they'll be like, 'What?!' It just shocks people."

As you'd expect, it's all girls when she's on the sideline, yet she's the only young lady amongst all guys on the fishing squad.

Needless to say, it leads to some interesting looks from spectators.

"When I go out with the fishing team at a meeting or at Bass Pro or going to help volunteer, they're like, 'oh, are you dating someone on the team?' and I'm like, 'no, I'm on the team.'"

That's the refreshing part of her interest.

Raise the decibels at night, kick back and relax the next morning.

"I mean, you're out here for eight hours a day. It's just you and it's a good time for me and my dad. It's just you and you're out here trying to catch some fish."

A piece of mind that certainly has Harlee sailing away with success.

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