Hiring freeze lifted for City of Texarkana, Arkansas

Hiring freeze lifted for City of Texarkana, Arkansas

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - The City of Texarkana, Arkansas seems to be back in the black as officials have lifted a hiring freeze.

The freeze was put in place seven months ago to save revenue. Today city leaders said the hiring freeze for exceeded its goal.

"At that time it was estimated that the hiring freeze would save an estimated $130,000 for the general fund but in fact, it saved about $145,000 for the city's general fund," said TyRhonda Henderson, financial director for the city of Texarkana, Arkansas.

Henderson says when you combine the general fund with other funding sources, this action provided a citywide savings of $210,000.

On July 1st, the freeze was lifted, allowing Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department to begin filling 10 vacant positions.

"It has been pretty difficult for us to maintain the coverage in the city that we are expected to give with the number of vacancies we've had," said Lt. Chris Rankins with TAPD.

The city's police department is the largest department and is financed through the General Fund.

"Our game plan is working and we are hoping to continue to make strides in the right direction," Henderson said.

Henderson added that the results of the freeze should leave the city in a better financial position moving forward.

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