Editorial: Most support extra patrols but question if it will be enough

Editorial: Viewers support increased patrols but question if it will be enough

(KSLA) - The last time I spoke about the level of violence in Shreveport, we were waiting for the outcome of Mayor Ollie Tyler's proposal to provide an additional $150,000 for overtime pay to specifically be used for patrols aimed at curbing crime.

The City Council unanimously agreed to the proposal last week.

I asked you for your thoughts and wanted to share some of the responses.

Most were in support of the increased patrols but questioned if it would be enough.

Kellie suggested, "Maybe the city government can help with funds to start mentoring programs" and "as parents, we have to be careful what we do in front of children".

Harold wrote, "We need God to stop the shootings and bring praying back to schools."

A gentleman who identified himself as a retired SPD officer said, "Throwing money at the problem is not the answer, most of our officers are burned out (due to) working double shifts".

Bennie said the problem is that too many say "As long as it's not happening on my street, who cares."

From what I have seen, there are people in our city who care, like the Pastors on Patrol.

We need to hold one another accountable and keep pushing for solutions.

This problem will not fix itself. It is going to take all of us.

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