KSLA Salutes: Women's group building area's first statue to honor female veterans

KSLA Salutes: Women's group building area's first statue to honor female veterans

A multi-service women's group is making plans to install a life-sized statue in Bossier City to honor women veterans.

"We're still under the microscope as women in the military, we always have been. We always have to work just a little bit harder to prove ourselves," said retired USAF MSgt. Sandy Franks.

"I had a wonderful career," said Franks, reflecting on her 23 years of service. "I did things that I would never have done had I not been in the military."

Now she and a group of women have formed Women Veterans of the ArkLaTex, a local organization with the goal of uniting female Veterans and providing opportunities for comradery, education, and support.

"We wanted the vision of our organization to bring those women together from all five military services," she continued, "It's a common bond with all of us when we start talking about basic training and wearing combat boots and the job that we did we just connect and we need that connection."

In the midst of their infancy stages, they've launched a campaign to build a life-size statue to honor women Veterans.

"I want people to know about how women served and what we did and where we were and the significant contributions that we've made to the freedom of this country," expressed Franks.

Made of bronze and 6 feet tall and made of bronze, the woman warrior will be the first statue at the Veterans Memorial at the Bossier City Municipal Complex.

"We're all in battle dress uniforms now, all five services, and that's what we chose to dress her in with a weapon over her shoulder holding her helmet when you look at her you don't know what her race is, she has no name tag on she has no rank," she explained.

Franks hopes the statue will encourage people of all ages to learn more about our military's female trailblazers, those currently serving, and those who will serve in the future.

"They will look at her and realize what women in the military have done for this country, that we serve side-by-side with our male counterparts that we contributed and we served."

To the women who continue to serve our country, she said, "You represent not only yourself but the women who serve with the women who came before you and those who are going to come after you."

If you would like to learn more about Women Veterans of the ArkLaTex or donate to their statue fund, click here.

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