Drivers getting used to ParkMobile App in downtown Shreveport

Drivers getting used to ParkMobile App in downtown Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A new app that takes place of a traditional parking meter introduced last month is taking a little getting used to, according to officials.

The ParkMobile app, introduced to drivers last month, is designed to make paid parking easier and more convenient for drivers.

"There's some people who are using it quite a bit," said Lorenzo Lee with ShrevePark. "Some of the features is that in can be up to three hours with this particular app. You don't have to come down from a meeting to reload, you've got that extra third hour and you can reload remotely."

According to some ShrevePark stats from the month of May, the app has 388 users, with over 970 transactions, with about 25% of those being repayments.

Lee added that some drivers are having a few problems starting off.

"A few issues we're having is sometimes someone is entering a plate incorrectly," Lee said. "They're entering a zero instead of the letter O. Or they've entered the wrong plate because you can put multiple vehicles within the app."

Lee says there are some who will simply prefer the way things are and want to continue to use the meters, but there are now areas in downtown like the 700 block of Travis Street, where paid parking can only be used through the app.

"It's one of the things that we are trying to educate people on," Lee said. "We've been issuing fliers all last month, and we're now issuing at least one warning to anyone who's parked in one of these spaces, letting the know they're required to pay with an app if there's no meter."

While the app is meant to be convenient, it does come with a 35 cent convenience fee. But Lee says there's a way around that that can bring it down to 15 cents.

"But there's a way to mitigate some of that fee if you use the wallet feature and it asks for a charge of twenty-five dollars, fifty dollars, or seventy-five dollars, if you choose, towards parking," Lee said.

The wallet feature is found in the app under the payment section and acts as an account to be used through ParkMobile.

Lee says the parking service plans to hold a promotion next month to continue to educate drivers on how to take advantage of the new app.

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