Bossier congregation mourns member killed in SWAR wreck

Bossier congregation mourns member killed in SWAR wreck

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The Pentecostals of Bossier City community is mourning the loss of a member of its congregation.

Close to 500 people gathered Wednesday evening at the church on Viking Drive for a memorial service for Verita Rone.

Rone and her grandchild were killed in a car wreck June 8 on Interstate 49 south near Doddridge, Ark.

Police say Rone, 52, of Bossier City, was traveling with her five grandchildren when her vehicle veered off the road, she lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a cable barrier.

"This loss has been devastating to our church family," said Shannon Stanley, assistant pastor for The Pentacostals of Bossier City.

Rone was an important member of their church, Stanley added.

Church hadn't always been important to Rone, until she found God in an unlikely place: jail.

"I think there is one word that would sum up Verita's life, and that is redemption," Stanley said.

The church's prison outreach program baptized her while she was still serving time.

"After she was released from prison, she became a faithful member since 2008."

Over the past nine years, Rone became very involved with the church.

"She was a leader in worship. She was a leader in prayer. She was a leader in attendance. She never missed. Never."

Carlton Golden is one church member whose life was touched by Rone.

"She refused to be held back by the circumstances of her past. She's kind of like aunt who would always hold you to a higher standard."

Golden said she inspired everyone around her to be a better person.

"She did that with her grandchildren, she did that with her community and did that with me."

Since Rone's passing, church members have learned about all the different acts of kindness she was responsible for.

"We knew of her worship, we know of her time, but we had no idea about the different outreach to other people," Stanley said.

"We don't know how to appreciate someone until they are no longer there."

While some wiped away tears, those close to her said Rone would want her life celebrated not mourned.

Another memorial service is set for Friday in Magnolia, Ark.

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