Editorial: Teach kids to swim

Editorial: Teach kids to swim

(KSLA) - It is summertime; the kids are off and that means many will be heading to the pool or local lakes to enjoy the sun and cool off in the water.

Unfortunately, many adults and children do not know how to swim.

And this can be a danger.

Did you know that, on average, there are more than 3,500 fatal, unintentional drownings each year in the U.S.?

That is about 10 deaths per day.

And one in five are children under age 14.

These are scary numbers.

So make sure your kids know the basics about water safety and learn how to swim.

You may be fearful of the water yourself. Don't let that stop you.

Our local YMCA offers affordable water safety and swim lessons.

They also can help with financial assistance through the Y-Cares program.

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