Bossier mom's video of stranger approaching kids sets off alarms

Bossier mom's video of stranger approaching kids sets off alarms

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Video shared on Facebook by a South Bossier mother who says it shows a stranger "acting shifty" around her children is setting off alarm bells for her and the hundreds who have already shared it so far.

Kerri Barnes Johnson posted the video on her Facebook Wednesday to warn parents about the stranger's odd behavior.

Johnson says her kids were in her front yard playing in the pool when the woman pulled up on the street outside her home and appeared to be watching the children. She also says the woman appeared to be texting someone.

The woman appeared to be 40 to 50 years old, according to Johnson, and that when she was confronted by adults, "she claimed to be trying to find her friend 'Meagan" in house number 306. 306 is two streets up from where my house is. She pulled away and promptly turned around and stopped in front of kids in the pool again. As you can see near the end of the video she was talking to my son because he gets out of the pool and is obviously listening to her."

When the woman was confronted a second time, Johnson says the woman said she was looking for a woman named Morgan which Johnson found suspicious because she had previously identified the friend she was looking for as Meagan.

Some of those who commented on the post reported seeing a woman matching Johnson's description with 2 other men in the area and recounted incidents that suggest the group is targeting children.

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While the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office says they are looking into it and that they take reports like this very seriously, they say there is no evidence at this time that children are being targeted in the area by anyone matching the description provided by Johnson.

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