Shreveport T-Mobile store closing stuns employees asking for paychecks

Shreveport T-Mobile store closing stuns employees asking for paychecks

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Imagine arriving at work only to discover the lights were off and the doors locked — and the business had closed down.

That scenario is exactly what happened to several T-Mobile store employees when they tried to go to work this week at Mall Saint Vincent in Shreveport.

Assistant Manager Ariel Lathon, said store employees were still waiting for their latest paychecks, almost a week late.

"We have stuff that's coming out of our accounts. We're behind on money, payments, everything else and it has messed up our families altogether," said Lathon.

This T-Mobile store was operated by TM Solutions LLC in Shreveport. CEO Clay Lee told us over the phone that all 5 store employees would get their paychecks.

"That's the first we've heard of anything," said Monica Hughes, an employee. "We've all tried to contact him. They will not, they won't return calls. They won't return text messages."

Lee soon called KSLA News 12's Jeff Ferrell back, saying they were preparing to do some partial payroll payments within hours on this Friday afternoon.

Lee then spoke by phone with employees like Lathon, instructing them to come to the Cell Phone Solutions store on Youree Drive in Shreveport, where Lee is also a co-owner.

Hughes and Lathon later came out with about half their normal paycheck and a promise they'd soon be paid the rest.

When asked whether media coverage may have helped their situation Hughes answered, "I did. I know that's what happened. I know it was."

Lee says that the employees will get the rest of their paychecks next week, possibly Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, to be exact. He also promised that the store here at the mall will re-open in the next two to three weeks in some capacity or another, explaining that there is a certain protocol that must be followed for a closing like this and typically takes several days to finish. He said that was a big factor in the paycheck delays.

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