Caddo Parish couple seeks help getting snake out of their car

Updated: May. 15, 2017 at 10:18 PM CDT
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CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - A Caddo Parish couple still has one of their vehicles sitting with its doors open in their front yard on Buncombe Road after a scary Mother's Day surprise.

It was a snake.

Lynette Bilello said she found the snake as she was parking the car at the West Shreveport branch of Shreve Memorial Library on Pines Road about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

She was opening her glove compartment to retrieve a sign.

It alerts passers-by that the car and air conditioning are running for the dog.

That's when Bilello saw it.

"When I opened my glove box, I saw things moving. And, at first, I thought things were just adjusting. And I opened it again and I saw this black-gray hose-looking thing moving around, and then I saw it move the blue dog collar," Bilello recalled.

"It got slammed. My purse got grabbed, my Starbucks got grabbed, my cigarettes got grabbed, keys got turned off and I ran and I called 9-1-1."

Bilello said three Caddo firefighters responded but even they couldn't find the snake in time.

"As soon as the young guy got the glove box and opened the glove box, he saw the tail end, about three to four inches, crawl into the dashboard of my car."

Since its discovery more than 24 hours ago, retired airman William Miller, Bilello's boyfriend, still scours the car's panels and carpets and pulls up the hood periodically to check for the snake.

Miller said he even took the car to Home Depot to have it sprayed with snake repellant.

Even that hasn't driven the reptile out.

"You've got an airbag in the steering wheel. You've got an airbag in the dash and you've got two curtain airbags on each side," Miller said.

"To me, that's dangerous."

Now Bilello is too terrified to get in the car because the snake still hasn't shown its face.

Ripping off the dashboard costs more than she can afford, Bilello added.

"The dealership says that it's going to be between $600 and $1,300 just to remove the dash. My insurance says that unless the snake does damage to the interior portion of the dashboard, it's not covered."

Bilello and Miller now have turned to GoFundMe for help.

They said they are not looking for a handout.

More than anything, they said, they're asking anyone if they have infrared goggles to detect the snake's heat signature.

They're also asking if anyone would be willing to help them remove the dashboard and check for the snake.

"That's priority. Getting help. That's really what I want because because this is terrifying," Bilello said.

Bilello said she can be contacted by calling (318) 364-0125.

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