Lyft becoming a part of the Shreveport community

Updated: Apr. 19, 2017 at 4:45 PM CDT
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Lyft is advertising for drivers in Shreveport on LinkedIn. (Source:
Lyft is advertising for drivers in Shreveport on LinkedIn. (Source:

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Need a Lyft?

The ride-sharing company has not officially announced plans to start offering its services in the Shreveport area.

But Lyft has joined the Shreveport community in a different way.

It now is a member of the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.

"We are hoping to be in Shreveport in the near future and always look to engage with the communities in which we want to operate," said Chelsea Harrison, the company's senior policy communications manager.

Erin Smith, the chamber's marketing director, said Lyft officially joined March 24.

"I think by Lyft opting to join the Chamber of Commerce shows that they are ready to be part of the Shreveport community and help grow business and the economy in our area," she said.

And the company didn't just join as a regular member.

It joined as a top contributor and is included in the Chairman's Circle, which means Lyft paid at least $1,000 in dues.

"When the company wants to join the Chairman's Circle or really the chamber at all, it proves that they are a) investing in the community b) when they are investing in a higher level, they are wanting to see our economy grow in the city," Smith said.

She thinks there is a huge need in the area for Lyft and other ride-sharing services.

"I know there are definitely other businesses in town who will be able to take advantages of services Lyft provides and will be able to help grow other businesses and our economy in the Shreveport area. We are looking forward to having them."

Lyft does not have any launch plans at the moment but Shreveport would be a great fit for Lyft, said Harrison.

The company is advertising for drivers in the area

A city spokesman said Lyft has not formally filed an application for a Transportation Service Company (TNC) permit to operate within city limits.

The cost for the permit is $2,500 and, according to city ordinance, must be issued by the police chief.

The permit is valid for one year and may be renewed for $2,500 a year.

The permit holder has to pay a service charge to the city of 25 cents per ride for all rides that start in the city.

On top of that, the company has to pay $1 for each ride that starts at the city's Shreveport Regional and Downtown airports.

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