Park meter-filling app coming to Downtown Shreveport

Park meter-filling app coming to Downtown Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The days of scrambling for loose change to feed parking meters in downtown Shreveport may be over.

Shreveport Downtown Development directors say a new app will be available in Downtown Shreveport on May 1st that will eliminate the need to fill parking meters with quarters and potentially drastically reduce parking tickets. As of as May 1st, the free Parkmobile app will be online in Shreveport.

Once you register and pull up the app, you punch in the zone number on the new decals coming to parking meters and pay for your own time with your own credit card.

"You'll put your car license plate into it," Swaine said. "So then, the parking patrolers, when they go by and they pull up the information, they'll see: 'Hey, that car has paid. We're good.' They'll keep walking. No ticket."

According to the app's website, Parkmobile also sends you an alert 15 minutes before the expiration of your parking session and gives you the opportunity to add more time from your phone.

"There will come a day when your meeting will go too long when your lunch will go too long, something will happen. You will forget and you will get a parking ticket," said Shreveport Downtown Development Director Liz Swaine.

"It will count you down and let you know 15 minutes before your meter has expired and you can re-up it!"

That's welcome news for resident Cathy Hissom who said this app could even boost business in the downtown area. Right now she said that parking downtown could be better.

But plenty of answers come to mind for Hissom when it comes to parking tickets. She's worked at the Abby Singer's Bistro on top of the Robinson Film Center for six years.

"I have seen a lot of boots. Lots of boots and lots of tickets," she said with a smile.

"If they go over the line, they get a ticket. If they're parked crooked, they get a ticket. The meter going out, within just a couple of minutes, I have a ticket!"

Even Shreveport Downtown Development Director Liz Swaine said she's suffered the same.

"I get tickets. Everybody gets tickets," she said.

Each parking ticket costs $10. After 10 days of not paying, that jumps up to $60. Any amount of time of delinquency past 10 days means nothing good for drivers, according to Swaine.

"At some point, you will get on what's called the 'Boot List' and your vehicle can be booted and then that will cost even a little bit more," she said.

According to Swaine, the city has a 90-day contract with the Parkmobile app.

Depending on how many people use it will determine whether or not the city keeps it or dumps it after that 90-day period.

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