Texarkana, TX, diner passes re-inspection, could reopen Friday

Texarkana, TX, diner passes re-inspection, could reopen Friday

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - A Texarkana, Texas, restaurant that was closed following a failed health inspection has passed re-inspection and could reopen as soon as Friday, officials say.

Dixie Diner, located at the Nash exit off Interstate 30, had its food permit pulled Wednesday after inspectors reported finding several health violations.

Inspectors found food contact surfaces that were not cleaned and sanitized and found evidence of insect and rodent contamination, the inspection report shows. Workers' hands also reportedly were not cleaned and properly washed.

City officials said they were working with the restaurant in the 4100 block of North Kings Highway to correct the violations.

Health inspectors "... have been out there several times to reinspect and are working with the owners, the management to get it up to code," city spokeswoman Lisa Thompson said.

The hope was to get the restaurant's permit reinstated by the weekend, she added.

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