Editorial: Have outside entity investigate LSP travel

Editorial: Have outside entity investigate LSP travel

(KSLA) - The recent disclosure of questionable travel involving Louisiana State Police needs to be taken seriously.

The travel plans included a four-day sightseeing trip to San Diego and a stop at the Grand Canyon and a night of partying at a Las Vegas casino.

At this point, it appears to be much more than a business trip with concerning decisions and approvals made by troopers at high levels in the department.

It is quite bothersome that many within the police agency are oblivious to what is transpiring in Louisiana. There are cuts to TOPS scholarships and serious concerns over the state budget.

But some at the statewide police agency think it is okay to pad their timesheets.

State Police Supt. Col. Mike Edmonson needs to address this inexcusable behavior directly and restore the public's confidence.

He should be fully transparent in his investigation into the matter and should invite an outside entity to look into the matter.

Full disclosure and complete transparency to the people they serve should be demanded of and delivered.

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