Editorial: Violence in Shreveport

Editorial: Violence in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It has been a violent time in the city of Shreveport with multiple shootings this past weekend alone.

Two men are dead, one just 15, and we certainly all want to see an end to the violence. I am so sorry for the families affected. This can also make it easy for us to wring our hands and talk about how bad things are these days, but that is not what the Shreveport Police Chief is doing.

SPD Chief Alan Crump stated on Monday that the recent violence has "sparked outrage through the halls of the police department, especially with" him. I am glad to hear that he is fed up and committed to being proactive in the fight against violence.

For those of us law-abiding citizens, his strong words lend comfort, knowing that our law enforcement officials are committed to protecting us. After all, they put their lives in harm's way for us every day.

So often today, public officials work to find blame rather than answers. Those we put in positions of influence need to be held accountable, but first, they need to hold themselves accountable. It sounds to me like Chief Crump is doing just that. Going forward we will all watch to see how he and his department tackles this. I hope I speak for all of us in saying that we hope the outrage he expressed translates into progress toward a more peaceful time.

What are your thoughts on Chief Crump's statement? Tell me about it by emailing me at joe@ksla.com.

Law enforcement officers who are dedicated to protecting our safety make our communities a better place.

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