Copy-VIDEO: TX woman dances with friend during chemo treatment

DALLAS (WTVM) - A Texas woman showed that her chemotherapy treatments won't stop her from dancing.

In a video that has more than 3.5 million views on Facebook, Ana-Alecia Ayala and her friend, Danielle Andrus, danced to the song "Juju On That Beat," on Oct. 18.

The video was taken at Baylor T. Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital in Dallas, where she is receiving treatment for a rare uterine sarcoma.

"Who says cancer and chemo have to get you down? We'll have the last laugh!! Having an awesome chemo buddy like @danilax21 who is ALWAYS down for a dance party helps too!!" Ayala wrote on her Instagram. "We want to show the world that dancing and laughter is the BEST medicine. We are #AnaStrong!!"

According to her story on her GoFundMe account, Ayala, 32, says she was diagnosed in December 2015 and has undergone two surgeries to remove the tumor.

The married mother of a 3-year-old told KVUE that she and her husband were trying to conceive when the tumor was discovered.

Ayala said she met Andrus in a fitness group last year, and they bonded over mutual interests. Since then, Andrus has been her "chemo buddy," bringing her treats and other things to distract her during treatment.

This isn't their first video they've made during one of Ayala's treatments. She told KVUE they made one to Meghan Trainor's hit "Me, Too," but they didn't post it.

She is raising funds to help pay for her hospital bills and medical treatment. If you'd like to donate, click here.

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