Editorial: 'The Other Wise Man'

Editorial: 'The Other Wise Man'

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - In 1895, Henry van Dyke published a short novel titled 'The Other Wise Man.'

The story has its roots in the biblical account of the Magi from the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament.

The novel chronicles the journey of the "fourth" wise man, who like the original three, was a priest of the Maji. Like the others, he receives word of the coming of the Savior from the heavens and embarks on a journey carrying with him three gifts: a sapphire, a ruby and a pearl of great price.

Along the way, he stops to assist a dying man and misses the caravan formed by the other three. He sells one of his treasures to purchase a camel for travel and arrives in Bethlehem too late, as the Child and his parents have fled to Egypt.

Along the way, he sells another treasure to save the life of a child. He spends the rest of his life traveling throughout Egypt in search of Jesus, and after thirty-three years he arrives in Jerusalem just in time for the crucifixion.

He uses his last treasure, the pearl of great price, to save a girl from slavery. He is then gravely injured by a falling roofing tile.

He dies after failing in his quest to find Jesus, but because of all his charitable acts, he is received into heaven with joy and slender.

The "fourth" wise man finally finds his King.

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