Editorial: Big bullies

Editorial: Big bullies

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The recent news that a Texas teen may have taken her own life because of cyber-bullying is a poignant reminder that bullies are out there.

We at KSLA are very concerned about your kids and how they might be affected by bullies and that is why we partnered with Brentwood Hospital on our 2 Strong 4 Bullies campaign.

I believe adults need to be vigilant and they need to respond quickly when made aware of this behavior. Kids cannot fight this alone.

We also know that kids are not alone in dealing directly with bullies. There are many adult bullies right in our own families and work environments.

These are the people you feel you need to tip-toe past in the hall so you don't catch their wrath.

In many cases, these work bullies have been exhibiting this behavior for years.

We need to take the same advice we give our kids. Stand up to them, call them out and let them know that bullying behavior is never ok. Let's show them that we are all 2 Strong 4 Bullies.

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