Judge rules on lawsuit against Caddo commissioners

Judge rules on lawsuit against Caddo commissioners

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - A Caddo District Court judge has made a judgment over a lawsuit involving benefits Caddo commissioners receive.

Political analyst Eliot Stonecipher filed the petition March 16, 2015, taking issue with the benefits and raises commissioners receive. He said he did not believe they were legal.

Stonecipher also wrote in an open letter in late 2015 that the work he's performed in his lawsuit might prove to be the most consequential of any he has taken on against any governmental body in Louisiana.

Caddo District Judge Ramon Lafitte issued a ruling in Elliot B. Stonecipher vs. Caddo Parish, Louisiana giving Caddo attorney Tom Arceneaux a partial win.

In June, Arceneaux filed a motion for summary judgment. That's a request for the court to rule that the other party has no case.

The judge granted partial summary judgment, dismissing the portion of the lawsuit that asked for Caddo commissioners to reimburse the parish for "travel expenses or for mileage for travel outside Caddo Parish".

Laffitte made the ruling Oct. 17, signed it Oct. 31 and filed it Nov. 2. The ruling was not made public and entered into the clerk of court's database until Nov. 7.

A portion of the lawsuit will go next to the state 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal, Stonecipher said. That court will hear whether a citizen has the right to sue the Caddo Commission, among other things. Read more here.

The commission has since opted out of CPERS and raises and has revised its travel policy.

To read the Caddo District Court ruling, click here.

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