Court asked to hold city in contempt over fired SPD detective's reinstatement

Court asked to hold city in contempt over fired SPD detective's reinstatement

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board is taking the city to court over the reinstatement of Detective James Greene.

Detective James Greene was fired in February 2015 after a woman came forward alleging he sexually assaulted her inside his office.

Through a public records request, KSLA obtained the minutes from the board's October 12 meeting that show a unanimous vote to hold the city in contempt, stemming from the belief that the city has ignored the board's previous ruling to reinstate Greene.

The board made that ruling back in August, claiming the city violated Greene's Police Bill of Rights.

"Any officer that's under investigation with a view towards possible discipline is entitled to legal counsel," said Eron Brainard, Greene's attorney.

Whenever a police employee or law enforcement officer is under investigation, the following minimum standards shall apply....the police employee or law enforcement officer being questioned, whether as a target or as a witness in an administrative investigation, shall have the right to be represented by counsel, other representative, or both, of the police employee or law enforcement officer's choice. The police employee or law enforcement officer shall be granted up to thirty days to secure such representation, during which time all questioning shall be suspended.

Following the woman's allegations, Greene was arrested, placed on paid administrative leave and then fired two weeks later.

"Gave him this hurry-up disciplinary hearing which he only got a few days before. No time to get a lawyer. He asked them for a brief postponement. They denied it," Brainard said.

This past January, Greene was found not guilty of Abuse of Power and based on the city's actions, the civil service board voted 6-2 with one abstention on August 10 that Greene's Police Bill of Rights were violated and he should be reinstated.

According to members of the board and Brainard, despite the ruling, Greene never was placed back on the job.

"He's been in sort of limbo since being wrongfully terminated," said Brainard.

Caddo Parish District Court records show the city filed an appeal on Greene's reinstatement on October 26th.

Brainard said after the board voted to hold the city in contempt, Greene was reinstated and placed on Paid Departmental Leave.

Still, Brainard and board members told KSLA this legal battle is heading for district court.

"There's exposure to fines and/or jail time so it's very serious," Brainard said.

According to Brainard, witnesses can be called during contempt court hearings but the appeal to his reinstatement must be heard first.

Brainard also said the board will need to file certain records in district court including transcripts of board proceedings before anything formal is filed.

Greene, the City of Shreveport and former Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw still face a federal civil lawsuit from Greene's alleged victim.

A day in federal court for that lawsuit has been set for April 24 at 9 a.m.

KSLA contacted the City of Shreveport, but representatives said they cannot comment on pending legal matters.

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