Editorial: Voting Counts

Editorial: Voting Counts

(KSLA) - In less than one week our country will go to the polls by the masses to elect our new president along with other statewide candidates.

We are already seeing record numbers in some states for early voting. This is encouraging.

To be frank, I am one who applies the rule that you should not complain about the person who is elected unless you participate by voting in the election. And this year with all the back and forth in the presidential race and the plethora of polls stating who's up, who's down, who's most unfavorable – whatever the outcome there will most likely be some complaining.

Just for the record, KSLA has no agenda for or against any candidate. We do not endorse candidates. But we do want you to be informed so you can make a very important personal decision.

On November 8, I encourage you to not stay on the sidelines. Get out and vote. Exercise the right that so many have fought for and won on your behalf.

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