Editorial: Please Vote

Editorial: Please Vote

(KSLA) - I don't know about you, but for me, it has been a long and grueling political season. But as we enter the home stretch over the next couple weeks, let's not forget that the most important part is next – our part, our vote.

So as candidates both local and national vie for more of our attention and work hard to define us, let's remind them that it is our choice that counts in the end.

We define them. We are each the same person with the same values as we were when this race started. And we get to individually decide what is best for us and for our families.

The voice we have as Americans with our right to vote is special. Don't miss your opportunity to be heard. Early voting has started in the ArkLaTex.

Check the dates in your area and please remember to vote.

Email me your thoughts at joe@ksla.com.