SWAR police find evidence of tampering with OTC painkillers

SWAR police find evidence of tampering with OTC painkillers

TEXARKANA, AR (AP) - Texarkana, Ark., police are investigating 3 instances in which someone appears to have tampered with over-the-counter pain relievers and the bottles containing them.

One bottle each of Excedrin Extra Strength acetaminophen, Equate ibuprofen and Advil ibuprofen have been found with the bottle cut open under the label, police report.

The bottles' contents were replaced with other medications or hard plastic items such as hard jewelry, plastic or plastic glue-on fingernails.

Also, the bottles' labels have been glued back after the openings were cut and the contents exchanged.

The top of the bottle appears as though all seals are intact, police said.

In one instance, it appears the tampered bottle of medication was bought then returned when it was found to contain something other than the advertised product, authorities said.

Investigators say they also are following leads in the 2 other similar cases.

Authorities have not said where the tampered medications were bought or found.

"We want to make everyone aware of this situation and ask that you contact us if this happens to you," says a statement the Police Department posted.

"DO NOT ingest or handle the foreign product inside the bottle. There is no evidence that anything found in the three bottles found thus far presents a health hazard as long as it isn't ingested."

It is a federal crime to tamper with a consumer products such as OTC medications.

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