Patient Testimonials for Dr. Pendleton

After having tried conventional medicine, and not having good results, I had heard about Karen Pendleton's natural hormone replacement therapy and decided to give it a try. It has helped with vaginal dryness, I no longer have insomnia, and my energy level has increased along with my libido. After my experience with this treatment, I would recommend any woman with the above symptoms to try Pair O' Docs.


Before I can emphasize the wonders of Dr. Pendleton's medical knowledge, I must state what my life was like before coming to Dr. Pendleton and what my life is like now.

When I turned 40, I started menopause and was put on synthetic pills for HRT. There are a lot of negatives for being on the pills, but my number one problem was excessive weight gain. Immediately after being put on the pills, I begin to gain weight. Over the course of eight years I was constantly dieting yet still gained over 50 pounds. During the countless visits to gynecologist and regular physicians complaining of lack energy, excessive weight gain, depression, moodiness and still having occasional hot flashes, the only thing these doctors did was change my prescriptions for HRT. They never showed concern about '"me" and made me feel like these symptoms were all in my head. These doctors never did testing for my hormones and basically would just advise me that these problems were just a part of going through menopause. I even read several books on the natural methods of easing my "trip through the menopause stage" and made countless trips to the Health Food stores in an effort to find the miracle product After spending countless time, money and energy nothing seemed to work.

Talking to other women about problems most of us have, going through menopause, is when Dr. Pendleton's name came up. I immediately placed a call to her office and thankfully my life hasn't been the same since. I had a long consultation with Dr.Pendleton during my first visit. She asked tons of questions and we discussed things that no other doctor has taken the time or interest to do. She evaluated me and my symptoms and explained to me (in down to earth language) the important role that hormones play in your system. If everything is not in balance, a domino effect takes place and disrupts other health factors. I was impressed with her knowledge and concern about my health, as well as my going through menopause. God didn't make every woman's body the same and her medical expertise knew just the right formula for me. It was a smooth transaction going from my pills to the natural hormone cream formula. After being on the cream formula for about two weeks I was finally able to start loosing weight (oh what a blessing)! Thanks to Dr. Pendleton I no longer have hot flashes, night sweats, excessive dry skin, depression end other numerous problems. Before coming to Dr. Pendleton, even having sex with my husband was a chore, but not any more!!! My attitude about life has changed and I'm in a much happier mood. My over all health is better and I am enjoying life so much more. My only regret is that I did not know her sooner I'm so thankful to God for bringing Dr. Pendleton into my life, not just for medical reasons but because she is such a warm and compassionate person. She and her entire staff always make me feel so important. They are all such a blessing in my life.

Hope Keene

As I was going through menopause, I made a choice to begin taking synthetic hormones. However, my symptoms persisted and I not only felt worse, but my body was having a negative reaction to the synthetic hormones. I began to feel fatigued, lethargic, nauseated, and all around crummy, until soon, feeling bad consumed my life. I lacked energy and I began feeling depressed. I am a personal fitness trainer by profession so, needless to say, I needed to be at the top of my game. Instead, I felt I was near death.

By accident (or fate) I came to see Dr. Jack Ward. He suggested I try compounded bio-identical (natural) hormones tailored for my body's specific needs. My brand new life began. I truly thank Dr. Ward from the bottom of my heart for saving my life!

Through Dr. Ward, I began to get to know his partner. Dr. Karen Pendleton. She introduced me to the benefits of Human Growth Hormone. I learned that HGH can improve bone health, stamina and endurance, as well as nerve (brain) and heart health and reduce abdominal fat content. With the help of Dr. Jack and Dr. Karen

a.k.a. Pair 0' Docs

I am a new and happy person!

Leah Yarbrough-Hardman

At 39 and after many attempts, I was still unable to become pregnant. My doctor wanted to put me on a new medication - MORE DRUGS? My body was out of control, and so was my life. After speaking with Dr. Karen Pendleton, a Natural Hormone Specialist, my life was restored. Within six weeks I lost the weight gained from stimulative drugs and a year later "Sophie Grace" will soon join our family. I highly recommend Natural Hormone Therapy to restore normal hormone balance. Thank you, Dr. Pendleton.

Kathleen Wiener