Marshall, TX, police warn people to stay out of clay pits

Marshall, TX, police warn people to stay out of clay pits

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Three people have died in the clay pits in Marshall, Texas, the past year.

While that area of Harrison County is very beautiful, the pits actually are dangerous.

Drownings in the clay pits outnumber homicides in the East Texas city, authorities say.

Frances Jackson, 83, is the most recent to have died at the clay pits. Her body was found there on Sept. 22, after her car was found just off Farm-to-Market Road 1998.

Two college students also drowned there earlier this year.

Marshall police say the landowners have taken steps to keep people out.

"They've made modifications. They've built more fencing," said MPD spokesman Justin Mills. "So they have made efforts to try and keep people out."

The landowners also have multiple warning signs posted.

From the entrance, they read "Condemned," "Private Property," "No Trespassing," "Warning," "Danger" and "Keep Out."

On the other side of the gate are the clay pits.

That's where the banks can cave in, causing people to slip into the water, authorities say. Then there's the silt and sand that act like quicksand.

The danger is such that authorities are asking people to stay away from the clay pits.

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