WK Quick Care holds drive-through flu shot clinic

WK Quick Care holds drive-through flu shot clinic

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - People can get their flu shot and never have to leave their vehicle.

"I thought wouldn't it be neat if we had a location where people could come and drive through and get their flu shot," said Lesley Sawrie, director of Willis-Knighton Quick Care.

She quickly put her thoughts into action.

For one day, the parking lot on Hospital Drive was used as a drive-through clinic to give people flu shots.

"You don't have to unload your kids, you don't have to park your car. You literally just drive through," Sawrie said.

"You can be in your pajamas; we don't care," Dr. Catherine Speights said. "All you have to do is, like you said, roll down the window and roll up your sleeve."

Such drive-through clinics encourage people to get immunized on their way to or from work, she said.

"I saw y'all on the news before I left for work. And I was driving down and thought, 'Let me stop and get my flu shot'," said Errin Williams who decided to stop in on her way to work.

"It's very innovative. I think it's a convenience for the community," Speights said. "It's also a way to get their message out that everyone needs to get their flu shot."

Williams found it to be convenient. "I think it's great, quick, fast. On my way to work, done."

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