Surveillance images released of suspected purse thief

Surveillance images released of suspected purse thief

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - Texarkana police have released surveillance images of a woman who is believed to have stolen an elderly lady's purse.

It happened on Sept. 13 at the Walmart on New Boston Road in Texarkana, Texas.

According to police, the victim was using one of the motorized shopping carts and drove it out to her car in the parking lot with her purchases.

Unfortunately, the woman accidentally left her small black purse in the basket when she got into her car to leave.

Authorities say the victim rushed back a few minutes later after realizing her mistake, but the cart wasn't where she left it and the purse (with all of her identification, cell phone, cash and credit cards) was nowhere to be found.

After reviewing the surveillance video, officers discovered that another woman saw the purse in the basket not long after the victim left. The suspected thief reportedly got on the cart and rode it back into the store, all while looking inside of the purse. Instead of turning the purse in to store employees, police say the woman decided to leave with it.

She was last seen getting into a white SUV, according to officers.

Anyone with information on the suspected thief's identity is urged to call police at 903-798-3116 or Crime Stoppers at 902-793-STOP.

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