Landers Athlete of the Week: Terrace Marshall Jr. - Sept. 14

Landers Athlete of the Week: Terrace Marshall Jr. - Sept. 14

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Parkway Panther junior wide receiver Terrace Marshall Jr. had six catches for 233 yards and four touchdowns in the panthers 69-54 win over Lufkin, Texas.

"I didn't think it was going to be a game like that but I knew that this upcoming season was going to be good," said Marshall. "All summer I worked hard and I knew if I worked hard it would pay off."

It's that simple to Marshall to work hard and the results will follow.

"I knew I was straight last year, my sophomore year, that's when I got an opportunity to play varsity ball. That's when I knew I could play," said Marshall.

The 6'4" 190 pound junior is the number 1 recruit in the state in the class of 2018.

"He's so much better than he was last year," said Parkway head coach David Feaster. "When we get the ball him over the top nobody catches him and when he catches it underneath because he's so smooth and so fast."

He started honing his craft at a young age.

"My dad put me in football so I had no other choice but to like it," said Marshall.

It was his father who instilled hard work in his son at a young age.

"I put the football in his hand early, I think it was when he was four years old, when I first took him out his first day touching the football, he took that thing and couldn't nobody touch him on the field, I knew then that he was something special. I knew that God had given him a gift," said Terrace Marshall Sr.

It's also in his DNA as his mother was also an athlete,

"I played basketball and ran track, this photo album brings back so many memories," said Terrace's mother, Meoshia Brazzle. "Joe Delaney is Terrace Marshall Junior's great uncle that's my moms twin brother."

Joe Delaney is a legendary running back that played for the Kansas City Chiefs. Delaney grew up in Haughton and ran track and played football for the Northwestern State demons. He still holds records down in Natchitoches.

"I think he's going to pick up where his uncle left off you know the legacy lives on and I think he's going to continue what his uncle joe Delaney started," saide Meoshia Brazzle.

Haughton is where he picked up his nickname MooMoo.

"I'm from Haughton and we called Terrace Jr. 'Moo Moo' because of the cows out there in the country," said Meoshia Brazzle.

It hasn't always been easy for Terrace and his sister, his parents went through a divorce in 2000. Despite the divorce Terrace's mother says it's important for a father to be in his sons life.

"He was hard on him, but it made him the man he is today," said Meoshia Brazzle. "It hasn't always been easy, the struggle has been real. If Terrace Sr. could pack young Terrace up and take him to Canada he would."

"Sometimes I sit back and look at some of the kids that don't have fathers in her life, my heart goes out to them," said Terrace Sr. "It's a blessing to be there to guide your son and when he hears your voice you only have to say something once or twice and it's just a blessing."

The college recruiters are lining up and awaiting his decision.

"Over 20 college offers, I remember when a coach called when he received an offer. The coach said is there something wrong with Terrace because he doesn't seem excited. Terrace said when you do good, good things happen when you do bad, bad things happen so this is expected," said Meoshia Brazzle.

Terrace's family support is endless and he said where ever college he decides to attend college his family will be in his corner.

"Oh the support team is great from both sides, I don't know who has the most either the Delaney's in Haughton or the Marshall's in Shreveport," said Meoshia Brazzle.

Terrace's grandfather enjoys watching his grandson play on Friday nights.

"People have been telling that Moomoo. That's what we've been calling him since he was little, they said Moomoo can catch. When I saw him snatch that ball out of the air, I said he can really catch," said Terrace's grandfather Terry Marshall. "I'm very proud of him, very proud of him."

Parkway's head coach David Feaster said it starts home.

"There dads are in there life, Brandon Harris, Keondre Wudtee, Justin Rogers, Terrace Marshall and C.J. Morgan all of their dads are in there lives and there dad's teach them how to act before they get to us," said head coach David Feaster.

"You want to know something parents keep dads in their homes and in their life, reading to them and encouraging them and throwing the football and see what they become because even if they don't become Division 1 athletes they are still going to become good guys," said coach David Feaster.

"The main thing is stay humble because God will always humble you if you don't," said Terrace Marshall Jr. "I feel like God lead me here, I feel like this is all his work."

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