City of Marshall, TX reveals what 'IT' is

City of Marshall, TX reveals what 'IT' is

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - The big secret has been revealed in Marshall, Texas.

For weeks, the City of Marshall has been promoting something coming big coming to the city.

At the city's back-to-school cookout "IT" was revealed as an ice cream truck.

The police department's SWAT truck is being used and Texas-based Blue Bell is donating ice cream for one year.

Marshall Police Chief Eddie Campa says the idea behind the ice cream truck is to educate children and citizens to not be afraid of the police. The truck will be driven into neighborhoods randomly and will also visit two of the schools in the city to honor A/B honor rolls students.

"With this idea, we're coming out and actually meeting our community, talking to our community, interacting with the community, providing them with free ice cream and who doesn't like ice cream right? Ice cream makes things good. You get your tonsils out, what do they tell you to eat? Ice cream, because ice cream fixes everything. So this is a way we're going to solve some of our problems with our 'Cool Cops' initiative and we're just excited about it," said Chief Campa.

The department said the truck will still be used for work purposes and all of the equipment for the ice cream project was donated.

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