U.S. women gymnasts in Rio inspire gymnastics students in Shreveport

U.S. women gymnasts in Rio inspire gymnastics students in Shreveport
(Source: AcroSports)
(Source: AcroSports)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Five young women representing the United States have taken the Olympics by storm.

They're gymnasts who already have earned gold for being the best gymnastics team.

Their success is rippling beyond Rio.

It's impacting gymnastics students in the Shreveport area

"I like being able to do all these skills 'cause I never thought that I would be able to do all this," said Chloe Cannon, who has been doing gymnastics for about 5 years. Part of her inspiration has been the U.S. women's gymnastics team, she said.

That's true of more than just Chloe, said her head coach, AcroSports owner Bill Hardy. "It gives young girls an opportunity to see their heroes do the sport.

"It also introduces the sport to maybe some people who haven't had a chance to do it."

AcroSports hosted watch parties for the public to see the U.S. women's team and individual all-around finals.

There's been an increase in people's interest in taking up gymnastics, said Hardy, adding that he thinks it's only just beginning.

"I really believe that after is all said and done and the girls get an opportunity to finish up and parents get a chance to digest what's going on, I think we're going to have a huge influx of kids."

When asked what she likes about watching the Olympics, gymnast Julia Krzywanski said: "Because it would just be awesome to be able to compete in the Olympics and have that opportunity."

The young gymnasts said watching the women's gymnastics team compete not only encourages their Olympic dreams but also shows what it takes to get there.

"Just a lot hard work and dedication," Julia said.

Chloe agreed. "A lot of hard work and you have to have ... . It's just gonna take a lot of hard work."

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