Former SPD detective drops lawsuit against Willie Shaw

Former SPD detective drops lawsuit against Willie Shaw

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A lawsuit filed by former Shreveport homicide detective, Rod Demery, has been dropped.

In the 2014 suit, Demery claimed Shaw reassigned him to patrol as retaliation for uncovering the Fire Station 8 scandal, which resulted in the arrests of several firefighters for abusing two mentally-challenged men. The lawsuit also claimed Demery was harassed and subjected to frivolous internal affairs complaints.

Demery joined the Shreveport Police Department in 1999 and joined the investigative unit in 2001. He was assigned to the Homicide unit in 2006. In his lawsuit, Demery asserts that he has maintained the highest homicide clearance rate of all the detectives in his unit and has a very good discipline and employee record with SPD.

According to the lawsuit, Demery was specifically requested by Shaw to investigate the possible criminal activity at the fire station, in which some of the members of that station are accused of pulling cruel pranks on two mentally challenged men and paying a woman to have sex with one of them.

Demery claims that shortly after the arrests of 5 firefighters as a result of that investigation, and again after the indictment of the fire chief at the time, Craig Mulford and Assistant Fire Chief Tommy Carpenter, he was pushed by his commander, Capt. Bill Offer, to wrap up the case. However, Demery's lawsuit asserts that "he was not able to do so until all matters had been resolved to the satisfaction of the FBI, the La. State Police, and the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office."

The day Offer was served to testify before a Grand Jury as a result of additional information gathered by investigators, Demery claims Offer told him that he was recommending his transfer out of the detective's office. Demery also points out that Offer "unexpectedly turned in retirement papers" upon his return from the vacation he took after he testified before that Grand Jury. Offer is no longer with SPD.

The suit was dropped in March, at Demery's request, although he did not elaborate on why.

Demery now works as a homicide and sex crimes investigator for the Caddo District Attorney's Office.

Chief Shaw retired last month.

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