Marshall, TX, police get translators to use in the field

Marshall, TX, police get translators to use in the field

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - The name of one sounds like something used in "Star Trek."

The other could be one of any number of sea creatures known as cephalopods.

But neither has anything to do with any of these.

Instead, they're the newest devices in Marshall, Texas, police officers' tool chest.

The department recently got 4 Voxtec Phraselators and the same number of SQUID handheld translators for free through the federal government's surplus property program.

These tools are designed to address most any language barrier that might arise during traffic stops, interviews, emergencies or other situations.

"The ability to communicate with individuals we contact is essential," Marshall Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa said.

"By accepting these translators, the Marshall Police Department is taking steps to ensure we are able to communicate effectively in almost every situation," the police chief continued. "These translators will be great tools that our officers can utilize to better serve the needs of our community".

The handheld translators are programmed to translate several languages, including Spanish.

Census data indicate Hispanics and Latinos account for about 16 percent of the population of Marshall.

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