Motorists report strange, glowing objects in Natchitoches

Motorists report strange, glowing objects in Natchitoches

NATCHITOCHES PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Like moths, the glow of their lights draw the attention of motorists passing along the tree-lined roadways.

Upon closer inspection, one discovers that each has what appears to be a light bulb with a metal disk for a hat.

Beneath there's a skirt made of a mesh-like material.

As of late, these strange objects have been found west of Sibley Lake in Natchitoches Parish.

Callers reported seeing them in trees along Louisiana Highway 504 near Eight-Mile Loop in the Oak Grove community.

The called upon the Natchitoches sheriff's office to investigate.

Deputies did so Tuesday evening. They developed suspects and a motive.

Then Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries agents confirmed their suspicions.

The suspects: insect traps.

The purpose: Survey the types and numbers of beetles in the area.

Authorities now say the beetle traps were deployed in the area by U.S. Agriculture Department conservation workers.

"The objects pose no danger to the public but should not be tampered with while USDA collects information in the area," says a post on the Natchitoches sheriff's Facebook page.

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