Prayer vigil in Marshall, TX, calls for answers

Prayer vigil in Marshall, TX, calls for answers

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - Marshall, Texas, residents are standing up against violence throughout the nation.

On Friday evening, dozens gathered to pray and to sign a petition for change and calling for justice for Alton Sterling.

"The officer that killed Alton Sterling, the officer that killed Philando Castile, we are praying for them as well," Demetria McFarland said.

Praying but well aware that faith without works is dead, a melting pot of people signed the petition calling for a closer look into the deaths of Sterling and Philando Castile.

"Like I tell my son, you will not walk around in fear," McFarland added.

Taylor McCowen shares McFarland's sentiments about fear. She brought her younger brother to the vigil to prove a point.

"I saw a Facebook post my brother posted, and he said he's scared," McCowen said. "He's scared to go outside. All he wants to do is make it home to his mom."

For McCowen, Sterling's death strikes a chord. "My cousin stays there, I've actually been to their store; Baton Rouge is our home. That was like 'whoa'."

It's not just about Sterling, she said, it's about injustice across the board, putting a stop to the violence and restoring her brother's belief in the badge.

"There are a lot of people that would be wary of cops and being a minority," Morgan Flowers said. "But one thing people have to realize is that all cops aren't bad; I actually feel a lot safer."

Marshall police officers - unmoved by recent violence and fulfilling their duty to serve and protect - stood around the prayer vigil as protection.

Coordinators of the observance added the Dallas police officers to their prayer list. They also took a picture to send to that police department to show their support during this tough time.

Plans are for the signed petition demanding justice for Sterling to be mailed to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.

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