Father/son argument leads to fatal shooting

Father/son argument leads to fatal shooting

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A man is dead after an argument with a family member led to a shooting in a west Shreveport home.

It happened at 10:26 p.m. Saturday at a home in the 9000 block of Bayonne Drive.

According to police, 43-year-old Charles Ray Acklen was found inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body.

Charles Ray Acklen was declared deceased at the home by the Shreveport Fire Department.

Police gathered information suggesting Charles Ray and his father, Charles Wayne Acklen, were in a verbal dispute before the shooting.

KSLA News 12 spoke to Charles Wayne Acklen who declined to answer questions on-camera until he speaks to an attorney.

But, he did tell us it all happened after his son purchased a lottery ticket. Then, when Charles Wayne Acklen asked him why he chose the numbers that he did, he said his son turned on him and pulled a gun.

Officers said Charles Ray Acklen threatened to shoot his father. Police say the father then grabbed his own handgun and shot his son multiple times in the upper body.

"If they say it was self-defense, being that I've never seen any discrepancies over there, I would have to go with it," said neighbor Roderick Sykes.

Sykes said he was shocked when he learned what happened to the family. He said Charles Wayne Acklen was the first to welcome him to the neighborhood.

"Whenever I came out and cut the yard, it was always a friendly conversation," Sykes said. "Never hard to talk to. Super cool people and, like I said, it just blows my mind that something like this would have happened across the street to those individual people."

Charles Wayne Acklen said he's a former Shreveport Police Officer and Vietnam veteran who's been financially supporting his son for years. Charles Ray Acklen was a registered sex offender, convicted of forcible rape in 1993.

Other neighbors said the two had a history of arguing.

"You can hear them out on the driveway, arguing with each other. A lot of the neighbors will say the same thing," said neighbor Norman Onishea.

Still, Onishea said his heart goes out to Charles Wayne Acklen at this time.

"To shoot their own son or something, I couldn't imagine anyone doing that," he said.

Charles Wayne Acklen was not arrested and was not charged in the shooting.

All information and evidence gathered from the incident will be forwarded to the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office to be reviewed.

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