Landers Athlete of the Week: Madison Wallace- December 23

Landers Athlete of the Week: Madison Wallace- December 23

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - C.E. Byrd senior swimmer Madison Wallace does more in a day than many of us do in two days but she says she wouldn't have it any other way.

Balancing school with sports, isn't always easy. She's able to do it, though, with the help of those closest to her.

On any given morning, we'll you're likely still asleep or maybe still counting sheep.  Before the crack of dawn chances are Madison Wallace is already in the pool.

"It's actually a really hard sport and you have to be dedicated in order to keep the times that you want and swim as fast as you want to go."

Madison has been fast.  The Byrd senior has been to the high school state meet every year since she was a freshman.

Before then, she's qualified for the state meet with her club team, every year since she was 8 years old.

Her mother, Paula, who helped train Madison at early age is still amazed at her daughter's accomplishments.

Paula said, "She has to have the desire to do it. You don't get up at 5 o'clock on a couple mornings a week and come out here and swim and get ready to go to school and come back at 4:30 p.m. if you don't have that desire and drive to do it."

Madison is member of the Christius Louisiana Aquatics swim club.  She says what pushes her through the countless hours of training are those she trains with every day and her family at home who she couldn't do without.

Madison said, "It will probably have to be my parents, because they always tell me, Madison it's 5:30. It's 4 in the morning, you need to wake up. You need to go to swim practice. It's also my coaches too because they have families at home and they take the time out of their mornings to come coach us."

Her schedule gets even more intense at school.  She's belongs to 5 different clubs in addition to her role with her youth group at Church.  Madison also maintains a 4.0 gpa.

"I'm most proud of the way that she's able to manage all of the activities that she has still maintain high academics, " said Paula.

Madison added, "It shows how hard I've worked over the past years.  To be the like the top 16 in the state means a lot to me, knowing it's behind my parents and my coaches pushing me every day."

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