Alleged rape inside Shreveport PD leads to federal lawsuit

Alleged rape inside Shreveport PD leads to federal lawsuit

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A federal civil lawsuit aims to take a former Shreveport police detective, Police Chief Willie Shaw and the City of Shreveport to court.

A woman is seeking compensation after the lawsuit alleges she was raped inside the Shreveport Police Department.

KSLA News 12 is not releasing the woman's name to protect her identity.

"Monetary compensation to her for the damages that she suffered as a result of the assault," said the victim's attorney, Elton Richey.

According to the lawsuit, back on February 10 the victim went to the Shreveport Police Department to file a complaint against an ex-boyfriend.

That's when the lawsuit claims former Detective James Greene pulled her into his office, said he "looked her up," found a prostitution charge in her past and said he could "help her out" with that and that she was very pretty.

The lawsuit claims Greene then fondled the victim.

The next day, the lawsuit alleges Greene called the victim back for a follow-up.

When she returned to the station, the lawsuit claims he groped her again, then raped her in his office.

Days after the incident, the alleged victim filed a police report and Greene was arrested and charged with Abuse of Power.

The counts in the civil suit include failure to train, false imprisonment, unconstitutional seizure, policy and custom, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent hiring, training and/or supervision.

"There's a lot of emotional damage one can imagine that could result from something like this," Richey said. "Obviously, with regards to supervision, there are some things that need to be looked at with regards to investigation of filing complaints."

Richey said he and his client want the lawsuit to make an example of a bad case before it reflects on the rest of the department.

"Most police officers are really just hard working guys and gals out there doing their best to try to serve and protect the public and I think they would be just as offended by anyone else," he said.

KSLA New 12 reached out to the Shreveport Police Department for comment on the lawsuit, but because it is still an active case, no comment has been issued.

In addition to the civil lawsuit, Greene still faces a criminal charge in state court of abuse of power.

Greene, who joined the department in February of 2000, was initially placed on paid administrative leave on February 11, 2015 amid the ongoing investigation in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board which state: "When an employee is charged with a felony he shall, and if a misdemeanor he may, be immediately relieved of duty and placed on "departmental leave" for up to one week at full pay and with continuing seniority."

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