Dhu Thompson fights for DA top spot

Dhu Thompson fights for DA top spot

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Two men are now vying to be the top prosecutor in Caddo Parish, and as we near election day, the race continues to heat up.

In the primary election, Dhu Thompson finished second with 36 percent of the votes, just behind James Stewart's 41 percent.

For the past decade, Dhu Thompson has walked the halls of the Caddo Parish District Attorney's office. But, now he wants the top job of
Caddo Parish DA. If elected, he has a very clear target for day one in the district attorney's office.

"I want to bring in a domestic violence unit that will tackle individuals that are harrassing victims of domestic violence. On average, it
takes a victim seven times of abuse before they leave their offender. I want to tackle that immediately on day one," says Thompson.

He also has plans to keep small time offenders out of jail and out of trouble, with the help of churches and businesses.

"I want to have a modernized diversion program in place that is the envy of the nation. That incorporates both business and faith based
initiatives, to steer an individual back to being a productive member of society. Lower our recidivism rate and be able to focus on the violent crimes here in this parish," says Thompson

As for the death penalty, current DA Dale Cox has been quoted as saying "we need to kill more people."  Thompson says each case is different
and each one needs to be properly investigated.

"We take that decision very seriously. I want to implement a charge conference for all of our death penalty cases that come into the office. So,
we can have seasoned prosecutors get together with law enforcement and the victim's family, and even invite the defense to submit any information they believe would be relevant to our charging decision, so we can come up with an appropriate charge to go forward," says Thompson.

Thompson says he's run for DA isn't about getting elected again, but rather leaving a legacy for his kids and grand kids to be proud of.

"Politicians are afraid of reelection. I'm not a politician, I'm not afraid of re-election. I want a legacy of doing good for this parish."

The runoff election is on Nov. 21.

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