911 calls, court documents reveal new information surrounding SPD officer's killing

911 calls, court documents reveal new information surrounding SPD officer's killing
Grover Cannon, 27 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)
Grover Cannon, 27 (Source: Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Recently-released court documents and 911 audio recordings reveal just how frightened Grover Cannon's family was of Cannon himself.

Cannon is accused of killing Shreveport Police Officer Thomas LaValley in August. Cannon remains in jail without bond on a first degree murder charge.

In an effort to learn more about the series of events leading up to the fatal encounter and the investigation that followed, KSLA News 12 obtained the 911 calls from August 5, the night Officer LaValley was killed in the line of duty.

While those calls themselves do not explain why LaValley entered the house alone, they do shed light on what dispatchers were told about the potentially volatile situation he was walking into.

"I was trying to see if a police patrolmen could come out to my neighbors house," a neighbor told a 911 dispatcher.

Court documents further reveal what led to the 911 call that LaValley ultimately responded to. Through interviews with police entered into the court record, we learned the 911 caller was asked by her neighbor, Grover Cannon's sister, to call police.

"I just spoke to her and there is someone in there threatening them to do stuff to them inside of their house and won't leave the premises," the neighbor explained to the 911 dispatcher.

Cannon's family members told police he had slashed his sister's tires after she told him he could not stay at her house.

"I think he is wanted or something and they are really scared of him," the neighbor is heard saying in the 911 recording.

Court documents also state that Cannon had told his family he would shoot them all in the head, which ultimately led to the family asking the neighbor to call police.

"But she is asking, if ya'll come, to be very quiet because she don't know if he has a gun or what, because he is threatening them," the 911 caller asked the dispatcher.

Through interviews, the documents reveal the family was able leave the house and get to a neighbors house when Officer LaValley arrived.

The court documents also reveal that Cannon's family members say they warned LaValley, Cannon was in a "messed up mind frame" and armed. They say LaValley told them to move away from the house, where they watched him enter the home.

"When the shots started firing, we all ran in the house," the neighbor told dispatch. Once inside the neighbor's home across the street, they immediately called 911.

"The officer went into the  house and about 5 seconds later, I heard like 9 shots," the caller told dispatch.

KSLA News 12 has also obtained police dash cam video and audio recordings from that night. We may choose to release those recordings as they relate to developments in the case. However, KSLA News 12 does not plan to air his last words.

Jackie Lavalley says she does not want to be caught off guard hearing her son's last moments on television.

In a KSLA News 12 special assignment by Domonique Benn two weeks ago, Jackie LaValley told us she wants to listen and hear her son's last moments, but she wants to do it behind closed doors with the district attorney.

KSLA News 12 spoke with Ms. LaValley prior to this story airing and being published, saying, "it's going to upset a lot of people to hear him and know his last words and know he needed assistance." But, she added in this statement, "I need to hear every word and see what happened to my son in those few seconds, but I don't want to be blindsided, either."

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