Athlete of the Week: Shelbi Chadick- October 14

Athlete of the Week: Shelbi Chadick- October 14

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Airline High School is one of a handful of schools in the region which has added volleyball as sport in the past 5 years.

Senior Shelbi Chadick has been there since day one when she was a freshman.  

"A lot of schools have improved a lot and they're doing really good. I've noticed that there are a lot of potential players that are really good."

What Shelbi left out was the fact that she is one of those players.

Airline Volleyball coach, Regina Digilormo said, "She knew a lot about volleyball and grew up playing volleyball.  So, it meant a lot to have a player that kind knows a lot about the game.  She brings that skill set and with those abilities she's been able to show the girls and lead. 

Tuesday's game against Booker T was Shelbi's first game back after a knee injury kept her out for almost 3 weeks. Shebli has actually had an injury every year since she started playing volleyball in 4th grade.

"I pulled my PCL, then I pulled my hamstring and then I broke my foot. I've had patella and meniscus problems.  That's just a couple."

Her mother, Lisa Kosht, said, "She puts a 110% in all time. It's hard to keep her down.  If she's there, she's going to do it."

Coach Digilormo added, "She's there at every practice no matter what the injury or anything, she's there. That really sets the tone as a leader."

However, it's because of those injuries, that one of the best outside hitters in the region has decided not to play volleyball in college.

The help she's gotten from rehabbing her injuries has sparked an interest in physical therapy.

"It's helped me a lot, especially now that I'm injured, I can fix myself," she said.

Her mom said, "I never have had to get on her about her homework or anything. She's very hard on herself about her grades it's been nice."

Coach added, "She really just has grown a lot as a kid and just matured. I really think she's going to go some places because of the leadership that I've seen out of her."

As she accepted her Athlete of the Week trophy, Shelbi said, "I want to thank God. I want to thank my awesome parents and of course my wonderful team."