Woman says cab driver texted her inappropriate things after ride

Woman says cab driver texted her inappropriate things after ride

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport woman is worried after getting sexually-explicit text messages from a cab driver.

"You're calling for a ride to go to your location, but you have something like this happen to you," said Diana Gray.

The woman says the cab driver picked her up twice from her home, then started sending her unwanted texts.

"This man knows my name, he knows where I live at, he knows my name, he knows my phone number, he knows everything," said Gray.

Diana Gray says she received several text messages from a cab driver after she got out of his cab. She says she has gotten texts since August.

At first the texts were not anything she thought twice about. She did not even know they were from her cab driver from earlier that day.

"When I usually call a cab, I get in the back of the cab, pay them and go to my location," said Gray.

She says she called the cabbie a second time, just a few weeks ago, not knowing he was the one who sent her cryptic messages.

It was not until this weekend that she got a picture from that number.

"He sent me pictures of his private area and just kept texting me," said Gray.

Gray says her 11-year-old daughter saw the picture first, and when Gray took the phone back, she noticed the text before said, "A driver has been dispatched to your location."

And that is when she knew it was from a driver with Yellow Checker Cab.

"This has taught me a lesson, a very valuable lesson," said Gray.

Gray says the whole reason she wants people to know her story is to be aware of who is in the front seat.

We contacted the driver's employer, Yellow Checker Cab. They did not want to go on camera, but said the driver has been fired.

The cab company owner said the driver admitted sending the photo, but said he sent it to the wrong number and it was a mistake. But the owner says mistakes like that will not be tolerated.

For now, Gray is left to wait and worry.

"I have to look over my shoulders every time I come out my house," said Gray.

Shreveport Police are investigating the woman's claims. According to the owner of Yellow Checker Cab, the driver was an independent driver.

They claim they have made him park his car and take the logos off of it. It is up to the city if he will be stripped of his license.

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